Getting Creative With Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas

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Getting Creative With Shabby Chic Home Decor Ideas

Home décor accessories are the finishing touch to a newly decorated room and can make or break the style and affect the mood of the room in a subtle way. Shabby chic home decor which can be used in most decorating styles is a perfect way to add that special touch to any room.

Mirrors – You will find that mirrors in the bathroom and dressing area tend to be more functional while mirrors in the other rooms of the house are mainly decorative wall mirrors. They not only provide the illusion of a larger space but also complement other home décor in the room. A white-framed mirror or a frame with a vintage look is typical of shabby chic home décor. A large decorative mirror can actually be propped up against a wall by itself or as part of a grouping. Look in decorating magazines and books for the latest examples of placing mirrors in your home.

Umbrella Stands – Umbrella stands are not only decorative but a “must” in certain areas of the country. An antique umbrella stand would look great in the foyer! Just about any umbrella stand could be used as shabby chic home décor and at the same time keep clutter under control.

Baskets – Baskets make great storage as well as being decorative; however, many people overdo the use of baskets. Decide if a basket will be simply decorative or both decorative and functional and restrict yourself to using just a few. Baskets can be used in all rooms of the house and can hold everything from magazines to mittens. Popular shabby chic home décor baskets are lined with fabric and come in graduated sizes.

Candle Holders – Unusual candles call for unusual candle holders. They are fun to shop for in secondhand stores because many are inexpensive and unique. You will no doubt find vintage candle holders as well as newer candle holders that just look old–either would be an excellent choice as shabby chic home décor.

Hopefully, these shabby chic home décor decorating ideas will be useful and provide inspiration for your next decorating project.